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Belligerent Beard, LLC.

Makers of high quality men's grooming products for high quality men.

Veteran Owned. Veteran Operated.

Wilmington, NC

The Product

Learn more about Belligerent Beard's products and what ingredients we use.


The Products

When we started the company, we wanted to make a better product.  A product for me and those like me. Men who only smell like flowers after we get done picking up flowers for our girl.  Men who are manly and tough, but have a sensitive side for those we love.  We feel like we have done that and stand by our products.

Jojoba is our first ingredient, not some cheap oil. We don't use cheap oils, we use all organic carrier oils. Only the best for your face. We demand sustainable, quality oils from our suppliers, so we can give you a quality product. We want to give you a product that you are proud to put on your face.  Not one that you think you should cook with.

We don’t test on animals or get supplies from companies that test on animals.  Okay, we don’t do animal testing as long as you don’t count Marines.

Beard oils offer many benefits such as keeping away bad smells, adding good smells, making the beard more manageable, cutting down on acne, keeping away dandruff, and cutting out the frizz.

Beard washes clean out your beard without harmful chemicals while adding back in needed, healthy, moisturizers. We also don’t add excessive water to our bottles because we don’t believe in selling you water.  Our current formula should last you around 9 months depending on beard length.

If you feel like you didn't get a top-quality product, let us know and we will make it right.

Below are the ingredients in our products, their uses, and their benefits:

Jojoba: Provides the closest to natural oil produced by the body providing moisture and stability.

Argan (Nut): moisturizes to fight dry skin and helps keep away acne

Almond: absorbs quickly, contains Vitamins A, B, E

Avocado: moisturizes to fight dry skin; blocks sun damage, contains Vitamin E

Lemongrass Essential Oil: inhibits microbial and bacterial growth; effective insect repellent

Tea Tree Essential Oil: fights acne and skin damage/flaws

Natural Vitamin E: overall skin benefits, softens hair. We use natural, not synthetic vitamin E.

Atlas Cedarwood: addresses acne and oily skin

Lime Hydrosol: skin cleansing properties; the use of the hydrosol does not cause issues in the sun

Rose Otto Hydrosol: excellent hydration for dry, mature, or sensitive skin

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial

Tobacco Essential Oil: widely used in aroma therapy treatment centers to provide relief from mental stress; smells like freedom

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil: antiseptic, skin healing properties

Tonka Bean Essential Oil: natural aphrodisiac – babes love it