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Belligerent Beard, LLC.

Makers of high quality men's grooming products for high quality men.

Veteran Owned. Veteran Operated.

Wilmington, NC

The Company

What makes Belligerent Beard Belligerent? Read on to find out.


The Company

My wife, Renea, and I started Belligerent Beard after I got off Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer Officer for 1st Combat Engineer Battalion in Camp Pendleton, CA.  Wanting to grow a beard like all veterans do, I couldn't find the quality I was looking for in beard products. Knowing we wanted to work for ourselves and become entrepreneurs, Renea and I launched Belligerent Beard in the Summer of 2017 after moving across the land of the brave to Port City.  Recognition of the quality product came fast and several more beard oils were added.  Community involvement through local charity support and events spread the name Belligerent Beard across the Port City area helping the company grow.

Many companies mission statements might as well read, "To make as much money for the owners without regards to laws or ethics."  At Belligerent Beard, we think that is not the right way to do business.  Quality ingredients combined with quality processes make a quality product.  We fully believe that our quality customers require quality products and that is why we operate at the quality we do (that is a lot of "quality," we know. We like it that way.)

We run our company differently than most.  We are not concerned about trying to make as much product as we can for as cheap as we can.  Instead, we were founded on ideas such as a quality product at a fair price, a holistic approach from product creation to point of sales, and being an active part of the community.

Belligerent Beard has taken being an active part of the community to heart.  We continually support local charities and charitable events.  We truly believe that it is only lonely at the top if you forget those who put you there.  We would like to thank all those who helped us be successful.  We greatly enjoy giving back and helping others succeed.  If you run a charity and need support, please let us know.

We are working hard to be our own and only having to answer to our customers. We thank you for your support of this veteran owned company. While you might tame your beard, never tame your personality.


Note from the owner:  I don’t make crap and I don’t sell crap.

If you feel like you received a sub-par product from us, let us know and we will make it right.